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Monday, 19 March 2018

D G Heath New Composite Decking

New Composite Decking Boards 2018

Its been a long winter one which we will be glad to see coming to an end with this in mind we have been preparing new decking products to launch for Spring 2018, generally throughout the winter months I spend a large portion of my time looking at new products & current trends along with contacting all of our suppliers to see if there are any new innovative design ideas that will improve our ranges in 2018.

Trex Torino Brown Decking

Trex Composite Decking

Building on the success that we had with Trex Composite decking in 2017 we have decided to increase our Composite decking range to include Trex contour Torino brown we will be stocking in a Tongue and Grooved and a solid Design deck board. This range is slightly cheaper than the Transcend range that we currently stock and is currently available in 3.66 Metre Lengths

Trex Contour Torino brown ( Product specification )

Product Specification

  • Thickness 25mm
  • Width 140mm
  • Length 3.66 Metre
  • Nominal Size

Advantages of composite Decking

  • Low Slip Rating
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to maintain
  • 10 Year Commercial warranty
  • 25 Year Residential Warranty
  • Resistant to Fade, Stain, Rot & Splitting

Composite decking so far

As a whole in 2017 the feedback has been really positive on composite decking, the new designs are proving really popular and we hope to be able to build on last years sales. If I am forced to find negative in the product it would be that it is far more expensive that conventional decking. Also customers have to understand that it is a manufactured plastic decking product so even though it looks really good it will never be able to completely replicate solid wood.

What customers love about Composite & PVC Decking

There are two main reasons why customers are purchasing composite decking rather than traditional wooden decking the first is that composite decking requires very little maintenance and secondly composite decking generally isn’t as slippery when it is wet.

For further information on a wide range of composite decking products visit our extensive Composite Decking display area in Pontardulais Swansea South Wales. Alternatively visit our Website at www.dgheath.co.uk or call our dedicated sales team on Swansea 01792 8848287.


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Monday, 26 February 2018

Timber yard

Following on from last weeks article on Timber grades.

Todays article will focus on joinery grade timber sold in the majority of wood merchants, So What is joinery timber ?

To put it in easily understandable terms joinery timber is classed as a timber that is suitable for Internal jobs these can range from Furniture making, Skirting boarding to shelving to Stairs, basically any application that requires timber to be installed internally to a stable high class finish.

The most common joinery grade timber used in the Uk is a softwood referred to as European Redwood or Scots pine, this wood is imported from Scandinavian or the Baltic states and is native to  countries such as Finland, Sweden and Russia.


Unsorted Redwood Timber

Unsorted or best redwood as it is sometimes referred too is used in high quality joinery work where a defect free finish is required, this wood is generally referred to as free from defects, Unsorted timber will still contain knots and minimal shakes especially in thicker boards. As a rule you will find that this is the highest grade of softwood on offer in the majority of local timber merchants.

joinery timber

5th Scandinavian Redwood Timber

A fifth grade is also available this is by far the most common grade, you will find the majority of household products such as Pine Skirting board, Pine stair parts and Door linings will be manufactured using fifth grade Scandinavian redwood.

Uk Timber

6th Grade Redwood

6th grade redwood is a joinery timber it doesn’t tend to be so popular and it can contain larger dead knots widely used for price sensitive economy grade jobs.


Kiln Dried joinery grade Hardwood Timber

Another species of wood that has gained in popularity over the past 10 years is Oak timber. There are two species of Oak these are European and American White Oak. So what are the main differences between European & American white Oak ?

  • The obvious difference is that European Oak is native to America whereas American Oak is native to Europe.
  • European Oak will have tighter grain and growth rings.
  • European Oak will be lighter in colour and have a wider tone variation from plank to plank.
  • European Oak will have more of a wavy grain pattern where as American Oak is a lot more uniformed in its appearance
  • European Oak is more stable.
  • European Oak will last longer when used externally.


When using timber it is always worth giving a local timber merchant or builders merchant a call to advise on the most suitable timber for the task at hand always ask information on sourcing and quality as this will reduce the risk of problems in the future.

For further information on a wide range of joinery grade timbers visit our timber yard in Pontardulais Swansea South Wales. Alternatively visit our Website at www.dgheath.co.uk or call our dedicated sales team on Swansea 01792 8848287. We are also able to machine the timber to size specification at our milling facility.

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