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Friday, 11 August 2017

Railway Sleepers in the Garden


Today I have decided to write a two part article on wooden railway sleepers and their uses. Railway sleepers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and have been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years, their uses range from garden borders to steps to retaining wooden walls.  I have used reconditioned railway sleepers in my own garden as a way of retaining the earth so that I could make flower beds along with forming steps offering  a beautiful softer alternative to concrete and patio tiles .

Garden ideas for railway sleepers

  • Railway sleepers can be used for Retaining Walls.
  • Sleepers can be used for Flower beds.
  • Railway sleepers can be used for Steps.
  • Sleepers can be used for Vegetable patches.
  • Planters.

When a customer asks for garden sleepers we are able to offer them a choice of four different products.

  1. Traditional Reconditioned Reclaimed railway sleeper

       Railway Sleepers

By far one of the most aesthetically pleasing options is the Reclaimed railway sleeper. Reclaimed sleepers or second hand railway sleepers are as the name suggests a sleeper that has been previously used, usually sourced and imported from European countries . In my opinion the old railway sleeper look is the most favorable. As long as they are free from rot at the time of purchase they should last a lifetime.

On a more negative note these sleepers can seep oil in the heat on a warm day and they can be difficult to cut. They can also vary in weight and size making them more difficult to work with.


  1. Rough Sawn Spruce or Pine Tanalised softwood sleepers



Softwood sleepers are easy to work with as a general rule they are a standard tanalised sawn finish in 2.4 Metre lengths. Sold at a similar price to the Grade A reconditioned sleepers.

The down side of softwood tanalised sleepers is that they are only tanalaise treated the treatment in the old reconditioned railway sleepers is far more durable than the new softwood sleepers. We advise that if these sleepers are going to be in direct contact with the ground for any length of time they should be treated with an oil based preserver prior to installation.

For further information on Railway sleepers or any of the vast range of garden products that we sell call in to our Garden display area in Pontardulais Swansea alternatively visit our website at www.dgheath.co.uk or give us a call on Swansea 01792 884828. 

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Uk Domestic timber Market

Timber Species in the Uk

Timber is a commodity it is a sustainable universal product that has been used for thousands of years, with the popularity of Wood ever increasing I have decided to write a two page article outlining the most popular timbers that we currently sell along with any trends that we are noticing.

Hardwood & Softwood

There are two types of timber hardwood & softwood. Hardwood tends to originate from trees that loose their leaves ( Deciduous ) softwood tends to originate from evergreens. Evergreens are generally less dense and therefore easier to cut.

In todays article I will be concentrating on Softwood as this is the most commonly used species of wood within the building trade in the UK.

Softwood Timber

1. Whitewood – ( Spruce ) A general purpose good all round timber readily available however if used in joinery work the timber can change from white in appearance to a more yellow tone.

Whitewood Timber

2.  Larch – This wood has started to become more popular, it is very durable and is used primarily on external           applications such as cladding and boats. We have seen a sharp rise in the number of customers requesting Larch for external wall cladding on buildings. Price wise Larch Tends to be slightly more expensive than Whitewood.

Larch Timber

3.Douglas Fir – A strong Timber relatively clear of knots used in joinery, doors and heavy construction. One of the more expensive of the softwood options

Douglas Fir

4. Redwood – ( European Pine ) Wood yellowish brown in colour widely used in doors, floors and furniture. By far our most popular timber used for internal joinery jobs. The wood has a deep red texture with a lot of natural grain. Dead knots can be a problem. The best grade is Unsorted or 5ths. More expensive than Whitewood.

Redwood Timber

5. Hemlock – This is a softwood that is clear it doesn’t contain any knots. It has a strong reddish brown grain pattern and is generally used for joinery applications such as Doors, Cabinets and furniture making. We have seen a decrease in sales of Hemlock over the last couple of year. Mid range in price.

Hemlock Wood

6. Parana Pine – A very uniform grained light softwood with prominent red streaks, It has a very smooth finished appearance and is available in long wide boards. This product is becoming difficult to source and is also very expensive.

Parana Pine

Timber Sales and trends

90 % of our timber sales will be split up between two categories whitewood and redwood. As a general rule Kiln Dried Redwood pine is used internally for timber products such as Doors, Linings, Skirting, Moldings. Spruce on the other hand is used in all applications such as Fencing, Joist timbers, Stud walling etc.


Both products are extremely environmentally friendly and follow a strict chain of custody either FSC ( Forestry stewardship council ) or PEFC ( program for the endorsement of forest certification.


For further information on Timber give us a call on Swansea ( 01792 ) 884828 or alternatively visit our website.

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Wooden Flooring Trends so far in 2017

From time to time we have a look at where flooring trends are heading this year.

For the first 6 Months of 2017 it has been a little bit strange with the country opting to exit the EU, along with the political uncertainty within UK Politics coupled with the fact that the news are constantly subjecting us to a barrage of negativity the customer appears to be tightening their purse strings.

However there are a few products that appear to be bucking the trend in the wood flooring market.

Rustic oak 150mm Classic

Quickstep Lino

In June we had an offer on a very Rustic Engineered Hardwood Flooring Board. This Engineered flooring board has a very rustic Grade BCDE big knots splits shakes are all included in the natural look of this engineered board. We were selling this product out at £24.00 Per Square Meter including Vat which was an absolute bargain in a market which is seeing increases on a month by month basis. Stock on this product is down to the last 30m2. I think that the speed with which we sold this product was down firstly to price and secondly to the fact that only now really rustic wooden floors are becoming fashionable.

Is grey flooring here to stay ?

Rustic Oak FlooringLaminate Flooring


At the beginning of the year i browsed through the new quickstep engineered wooden and laminate flooring ranges wondering who was going to buy them as everything was grey. They removed a large number of the more traditional narrow less rustic designs and transplanted them with grey rustic boards, after a good grumble I reluctantly decided that time will tell when it came to the new designs.

I stand to eat my words grey has now become the new must have flooring colour in 2017 ?

I still feel that grey floors have got the potential to be a passing phase in the wooden flooring market however in the short term they are gaining momentum and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.


Vinyl Flooring

Again being a man who has a cup that is generally half empty, I was sceptical on another supplier certainty. We were informed by our suppliers that Vinyl click wood flooring designs were here to stay and growing in popularity month on month.  Well I hate to say it but the manufacturers were correct not only is Vinyl becoming more popular but so also are the Grey Rustic Lino products.


For further information on Flooring for your home give us a call on 01792 ( Swansea ) 884828 or alternatively call in to our Flooring design centre in Swansea South Wales.

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